Order and Payment

Bank Transfer

Please bank in the amount of the order to the following bank accounts with the order code number.

Order Method:

》If order by phone call or email via the form provided:

       ¡. Please bank into one of  the bank account numbers described in the Payment method;

          Malayan Banking Berhad or Public Bank Berhad.

      ¡¡. Please email over the bank in slip/ transaction note to:

enquiry@realsoulflowers.com.my / sitifatis123@gmail.com OR fax to +603 62638881.

Note: Our flowers/ gift items will only be delivered upon clearance of payment. 

》If order by facsimile to fax number 603 62638881:

       ¡. Please use the order form provided online and fax the completed form to Realsoul Flowers Enterprise.

       ¡¡. Please bank in the payment into either bank account numbers Malayan Bank Berhad or Public Bank Berhad.

       ¡¡¡. Please email the bank in slip/transaction note to:

enquiry@realsoulflowers.com.my / sitifatis123@gmail.com OR fax to +603 62638881.

Note: Our flowers/ gift items will only be delivered upon clearance of payment. 

Kindly place your orders at least 4 days before date of use. 

Payment Method:

  》Online banking payment to Malayan Banking Berhad

       1.Maybank 2u.com.my

          Realsoul Flowers & Gifts Enterprise

          Account number: 5660 1062 1674

        2.Public bank online -www.pbebank.com

          Meriam bt Hj Ismail

          Account number : 68826 89629

       3.My PAYPAL account online which is FOC - key in email address chemeriam12345@gmail.com to activate remittance process in my PAYPAL account on website www.paypal.com/my (clients in Malaysia has to go to www.paypal.com.my first in order to make payment and follow the instruction from it).

NOTE: For INTERNATIONAL ORDER, clients may pay via: (1) My PAYPAL online account FOC by first going to www.paypal.com with email address chemeriam12345@gmail.com to be keyed in for remittance activation, (2) WESTERN UNION online instant transfer with my name MERIAM BT HJ ISMAIL required to be keyed in by client to activate remittance in WU, (3) Online telegraphic transfer to account Realsoul Flowers & Gifts, 5660 1062 1674,  Malayan Banking Berhad with SWIFT CODE MBBEMYKL, OR (4) Courier/mail to me bankers cheque/ bank draft/ MO to "Realsoul Flowers & Gifts". Once the cheque/MO is cleared, processing to ship item/s will then begin. Thank you.

For (2), (3), (4) modes of foreign remittance each WU, OTT, and issuer of cheques / MO respectively will impose some small fee on clients for transaction process. My PAYPAL account, however DOES NOT impose any charges on clients, it's FOC.

》Automated teller machine

      1.      Malayan Banking Berhad account number 5660 1062 1674

      2.      Public Bank Berhad account number 68826 89629

Cancellation of Orders :

      Full refund will be entitled if the cancellation is  THREE (3) hours before the delivery date.

  1. Clients will only be entitled to receive 50% refund for last minute cancellation.

  2. Orders within Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah, Sarawak as well as overseas deliveries and from INTERNATIONAL clients.

  3.  All orders are to be made at least three (3) days before date of requirement.

  4. Same day order and delivery, will ONLY be considered from time to time depending on availability.

  5. There will be no delivery charges for orders within Klang Valley area, 0-20 km from our base in Sri Damansara ; however, for outside Klang Valley area > 20 km, delivery charges will be MYR 15.00 OR by SHIPPING CHARGES VIA MAIL  according to weight of products ordered.

SHIPPING RATES FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS (NON-FLORALS): We divide into 8 regions and generalised the shipping rates in USD at the time of writing (any currency rate change at the time of order is for client to calculate).

                                                 WGT< 1.5 kg     1.5kg <WGT< 3kg

Region/continent Express Air (USD) Normal Air (USD) Express Air (USD) Normal Air (USD)
ASIA 21.70 7.30 31.00 22.80
EUROPE 28.90 8.20 40.50 27.50
N. AMERICA 28.90 8.20 40.50 27.50
S. AMERICA 37.00 8.20 58.80 31.80
AFRICA 37.00 8.20 58.80 31.80
PACIFICS 45.00 8.20 58.80 31.80
CENTRAL ASIA 43.00 10.60 58.80 39.80
SE ASIA 15.00 6.00 25.00 15.00